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He did it! Right on the tail of that Zhu Zhu Hamster, "My Pet Lawyer" growled his way onto the inventors' TOP TEN LIST (InventorSpot) and became "A perennial favorite gift for lawyer lovers and lawyer haters alike" (Legalblogwatch) - right behind the marshmallow blaster.

An evil lawyer is given a second chance at life
as a family pet.

Screen shot CNBC

Featured on CNBC

And that's not all...

"Los Angeles entrepreneur Nancy Gershwin came up with the idea for this must-have toy."
American Bar Association Journal

"For the lawyer who has everything!"
California Lawyer Magazine

"PERFECT PRESENTS: For the  Mogul-In-The- Making."
Gotham Magazine

"Hilariously cute!"
Young Money Magazine

"Best Office Gifts"
Baltimore Magazine

"Editor's Pick"
Where Washington

"Anchoring the Top Ten Toys for Christmas along with Star Wars Force Trainer, Disney's new Buzz Lightyear, and Nintendo's Wii Sports Resort."
Top 10 Must-Have-Toys (Topix)

"This year, forgo giving your favorite lawyer a cheesecake or an envelope with $20 in it and give them the perfect desktop toy!"

"Their lives are so full of stress with refuting rebuttals, litigating legalities and arranging arraignments that they would love a new pet!"
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